About Us

Who we are

“Established in the year 1995 by our founders who migrated from the valleys of Kigoma to the exciting city of Dar es Salaam- with the sole reason being to source affordable quality education for the children.”

Having tried their luck in different businesses and finding little success, our founders decided to open Minhaal Stationers- in a small corner shop located in the narrowest alleyway of Zanaki Street- wooden shelves and cream in colour- this marked the beginning of what now seems to be an exciting and ambitious journey.
Ever since, we have grown from strength to strength and are today one of the powerhouses in the stationery market- our core strength lies in our expansive work force, our ambition to serve with pride and honour- but most importantly- to love what we do and who we work with- a quality instilled in this family run business by our founders.
At Minhaals’¬†we specialise in all home, school and office stationery, machineries and general merchandise- offering bespoke stationery requirements and consulting NGO’s, corporates and government institutions regarding their requirements and the best affordable effective solution to their concerns.